Holy Spirit Restoration Ministry


Over the past 200 years some of the teachings of John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist Church, seem to have vanished. For example, the ‘double problem’ of guilt and depravity and the ‘double cure’ of forgiveness and sanctification. 

The baptism of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost achieved the purifying of their hearts, according to the Apostle Peter, Acts 15:9. This is the efficacious sin-purging work of the Holy Spirit called sanctification.  The event we now call ‘Pentecost’ birthed the era of the Holy Spirit who is the key to revival in our church, our city and our nation.

The testimonies of Des Higgs and Ron Baker and other members of our team produce compelling evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit to clean and restore us; spirit, soul and body.
The ‘complete’ gospel is about God’s quest to recover and restore his precious ‘stolen and damaged property’ which was created in his image; the object of his profound love, his creation, his beautiful mankind. Samuel Chadwick in “A Call to Christian Perfection” describes him as ‘a being of distinguished excellence and perfection.’
Psalm 103: 1, 3. “Bless the Lord ... who heals all your diseases” – chiefly in a moral sense. Compare this with ‘iniquities’. “Who forgives all your iniquities”. 

The quest for holiness is difficult but immensely rewarding because it leads us into the most intimate relationship with God the Holy Spirit that is possible this side of heaven. God is longing to have wholesome, clean and pure fellowship with us. As we explore the way of Holiness we will explain the simple steps you may take to enter into the most extravagantly rich experience God has designed for you – ‘the fellowship of the Holy Spirit’, 2 Corinthians 13:14. 

Jesus freely used metaphors, parables and stories to open windows in the mind. (A metaphor is a figure of speech in which one thing is identified with another which it only partly resembles, like ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet’) Although we have presented this subject as though it is four different subjects (Christian Perfection, Purity, Holiness, Sanctification) it is, in reality one main idea only, namely, God’s plan to bring divine order to our disordered spiritual condition by giving us the Holy Spirit.

Desmond Higgs - Elder Statesman

Des Higgs has had an illustrious business career over 50 years, working in the medical community.  Des was the founding President of the Australian Association of Practice Managers, (AAPM).  He served as a Director on the Board of the Australian Medical Association, Victoria; he was part-time lecturer at the Queensland University on Economics. 
Des has been a practicing Christian for over 70 years.  During this time he has co-ordinated the International Ministries of Ten Thousand Men praying for the nation of Australia. The Ministry led 60,000 people in a 24 hour prayer vigil around the new Federal Parliament House in Canberra (1988) at its opening by the Queen.
After spending the last 20 years living in Melbourne focusing on prison ministry, Des moved to Sydney with reignited concern for the moral state of the Christian community. The calling was to bring back the teaching of Charles and John Wesley et al on holiness of heart and life to enrich our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Ron Baker - Spiritual adviser, promoter of our ministry and teacher

In 1959 Beryl Baker attended the Billy Graham Crusade at the Sydney Showgrounds. She was seized by the words,  “Every child has the right to a Christian mother – godly mother” and “No matter what mess you’ve made of your marriage or your home Christ can put it back together again” Beryl was desperate. That night she responded to the invitation, committed her life to Christ. A few nights later a sceptical Ron went to the Crusade where he became aware that he was lost. 
In 1961 Ron found himself in hospital because of bad haemorrhage. Three beds away a man who lay dying from leukaemia was praying out loud, “Lord, take me home” Ron realised that he had never completely committed his life to Christ, so he prayed, “Lord, as filthy as I am, take me completely.”  Upon discharge he was led to a Christian therapist who helped him to read and speak. He applied for training at Morling College for a two year Bible College Course studying full time by day and working driving buses by night.
In 1975, with the encouragement of several senior ministers Ron formed the Ron Baker Evangelistic Association with the objectives – to preach and teach the gospel, to assist pastors in the ministry of evangelism, to produce newspaper articles on Christianity and social issues and to counsel people with drug related problems.  For the next ten years Ron engaged in evangelistic ministries across Australia and overseas,
His ministry was greatly used of God as Ron was featured on Radio and Television telling of God’s working in his life and of his spiritual journey. That spiritual journey entitled “Out of the Spiders Web” was published in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Decision magazine in February 1980.  In 2009 Ron & Beryl were featured in special commemorative events for the fiftieth anniversary of the 1959 Sydney Billy Graham Crusade.

Uri Fogel

Uri is a Messianic Jew and brings to our team a unique perspective of the Word from this view point. His father was a Polish Jew who survived the Warsaw Ghetto. He was then transferred to a concentration camp. He managed to escape to join with the Russian partisans. On return from Berlin to Lvov (Ukraine today) is where he met Uri’s mother. Uri was born in Lvov. His mother made representations to Khrushchev personally to enable them to go to Poland. From there they made their way to Australia eventually.  During most of his working life he was involved in sales, running Australia's largest Holden dealership.

In 2000 he had a spectacular conversion to Yeshua. Soon he became aware of the inward struggle with sin and, after a sincere quest for holiness of heart received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire prophesied by John the Baptiser.  Uri says “Daily the Holy Spirit is keeping me from falling, as he promised.” 

Charles & Michelle Northcote

Michelle recently graduated as a Minister to children and youth and recently was employed at the Campbelltown Church of Christ. Michelle ran a successful beauty therapy business and has worked in the corporate sector. Michelle’s contribution to the team is her gift of spiritual discernment and the development and teaching of the message for families with emphasis on women and children. Michelle teaches Scripture at the local public schools bringing the Word to mainly non-churched children. Michelle and Charles have been married for over 12 years. During time they have grown in their faith together studying in Australia and Scotland healing and deliverance ministry at Ellel Ministries, and working with Partnership Ministries (Alistair Petrie). 
Charles is Chief Executive Officer of BlueCHP Limited – the leader in building affordable housing to the underprivileged, and those on low to moderate incomes. Charles has, in the last 30 years, worked internationally for multinational organisations in areas of mergers and acquisitions, strategy, business turnarounds etc. He brings a wealth of expertise in the provision of management, financial and spiritual stewardship for this ministry. Charles’ particular areas of expertise concern issues with regard to business and the spiritual legacy pertaining to land.